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"Becoming conscious of yourself as Awareness is the highest meditation - Rupert Spira

The process is this..... or the pathless path is this in a nutshell....>

One must become conscious of themselves as Awareness Soul. This is done as Present Moment Awareness. Being so profoundly deep in the moment one ceases to be in the moment and becomes it instead.

Two become One. No dualism.

Once you know thy self as Soul, you will experience the true Self as Spirit, allowing the true Self to master Mind. Until then its an effort or rather it feels like one - controlling the mind..

Remember - You cannot focus on Awareness because Awareness is not an object. You are as thought subject to it BE It, rather than See it.

Like an eyeball in a mirrorless world, the only way to see yourself is by 'Knowing Thy Self'.

So BE in the moment knowing the moment is the Soul.

The true Self will find you and do the rest. It's that simple.

This very short video by Maharshi, will help you see what that might be like

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