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In discipling oneself in meditation and moving meditation such as mindfulness for the experience of Self-Realization, the conscious (I) and subconscious mind (Am) must come together as one (I am) and be in total harmony. The mind must be at peace before the Spirit of Peace (Our true Self) descends into our worldly affairs raising the mind into a Union of being.

It is by God’s grace that you think of God - Sri Ramana Maharshi

This is also true of meditation and mindfulness, as well as gaining the right understanding needed for Enlightenment. Therefore, when it is your time to awaken, you will be given the will, understanding and discipline needed to rise, so do not worry yourself too much about the how what and when's of Awakening. It will all come to you in its own good time and season. Just like it is right at this moment. This being said, let us continue.

The conscious mind must become conscious of the awareness that is the subconscious/present moment. The subconscious contains within it the door to the superconscious; Soul being Spirit. The consciousness of the conscious mind must merge with the Awareness of the subconscious which is always in the present moment. This meditative state of awareness then merges with the pure awareness of Soul. When this happens, our true Self as Spirit moves through the soul, through the subconscious and into the conscious mind as the Holy Spirit aka Intuition and guides us through faith. The empty vessel of the conscious mind which we at one time used to think with is now filled with the Holy Ghost in its stillness of 'being' aka meditation. Peace is now experienced as one's core Being.

If you are experiencing conflict in the outer world, it is generally because you are in conflict with yourself mentally. As above so below. The only way to bring peace into the world is through the mind. The mind being what it is by nature: dual, can never know peace eternal unless it has merged with one's higher self as Spirit.

Bear in mind conflicting thoughts elicit conflicting emotions. One mind or one thought cannot be conflict with itself. This is why the meditative mind is so peaceful. It is One thought - not a legion that haunts us causing one emotion after that chemically bombards the body. Over time, these emotions become too much, so we begin to block emotion, which leaves the body sitting in its own unconscious grief. Due to the body being ill at ease with itself it starts to develop diseases that eventually take its life. This is why it is imperative that we learn to relax and find our true Inner peace.

In the egoic state people will tend to over-think in order to avoid addressing feelings they have suppressed. Doing this is like entering a maze in which you go around in circles, getting nowhere in understanding why you react and feel the way you do.

Therefore, to get in touch with your feelings. Become conscious of the deeper subconscious. Stop thinking so much and let yourself feel. Pay attention to what you are feeling and let these feelings teach you what you need to know so you can let them go, thereby emptying yourself of that which does hinder you.

At least once a week spend half an hour sitting in one place with no distractions and watch yourself think and feel. This is not meditation so do not treat it as such. All you are doing is letting your feelings and thoughts rise without judgment so that you know what is weighing you down. Watch, your thoughts and feelings so you don't make the mistake of identifying with them again. When they rise do not judge them. You can reason them after the season has finished if you like but not during the session. Witness what feelings come up as if you were watching someone else's. Just allow them to be what they are. In exploring emotion in a detached way, let them take you to the cause of why these emotions have lingered in your being for so long. After your session has finished, reason them now with the spiritual insight you have gained since developing and repressing them. Treat them with love and compassion, just like you would if they belonged to one of your loved ones. More often than not you will see that these core beliefs and emotional patterns no longer serve you. Then let them go. You are not your memories. You are not your thoughts. Nor are you a product of them. These thoughts, memories and emotions are false due to being created by a false persona. However, at this time, they feel real to you, as if they are you, so bring them into the light and then let them go.

Self-Realization is really letting of everything that is not you. It is Netti Netti. We realize what we are by letting go of what we are not. Our body is crystalized emotion that weighs us down. We literally need to lighten up.

In doing this practice you will realize that these core beliefs and emotional habit patterns that you have held onto for so long, occurred due to something that happened before the age of seven when core beliefs were formed. Your understanding has clearly grown since then. It is time to bring this understanding to them so that you might heal and move on.

Another trick to lightening one's load, is completely relaxing your body at night before sleep. Remember your mind is your WHOLE body - not just the brain!). The day belongs to the conscious mind, but the night belongs to the subconscious, so be sure to go to bed relaxed by relaxing every limb and your torso methodically. Also, take note of the way you feel in dreams rather than the content. This will tell you a lot. In the light of day, you can observe this feeling and find the root cause for it.

In releasing feelings, you will leave your mind more at peace and amendable to being mentally still so the true Self can be realized through meditation.

This is the shadow work many (not all) need to do before disciplining the mind to be still, meditative, and receptive to its higher state of Being.

~ Tracy Pierce

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