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Become conscious (I - conscious mind) of yourself as Awareness (Am - subconscious) - this is Self (I) Awareness (Am), however it is of mind, which is an instrument of Thy Being, it is not your true Being. You are conscious OF the Mind; you are not conscious AS the mind. Meditation which brings the I which we think with) and the Am of the Mind together as One, allows the mind to become a pure conduit for one's true and eternal Awareness as Soul (Am) which is the activity of Spirit (I) - one's true and eternal Consciousness. I am that I am - is the I am of Spiritual Consciousness flowing through the I am of Mind Consciousness. This is Grace.

The Am of both the mind and the true Self is the Present Moment, so in order to become conscious of being Awareness, first of the mind, then of the Soul, one must be as deeply present in and As the moment as deeply as one can. The depth of one's Presence over time deepens until the mind is stilled altogether revealing the true Self which you have always been and will always be.

~ Love Tracy

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