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Alpha and the Omega

When we don't know our true Self as Spirit which is omniscient, omnipotent & omnipresent - when we do not know our Self as the

, we believe ourselves to be the mind and body which is meant to contain the formlessness of Self in form. Until self-realization occurs this form remains empty of the holy spirit aka intuition.

Not having any connection with our true Self we believe ourselves to be limited and dual in nature, to be both good and evil that cannot ever know peace nor contentment. This false understanding of our being literally drives us mad, leaving madness to play out in our physical world. All of us who have not realized the true Self are insane to a degree.

Every person that realizes the Self lifts the consciousness of humanity up, in turn healing the mind & body of the individual and the collective for each mind is merely a brain cell within the collective mind; the matrix.

~ Tracy Pierce

Your own self-realization is the greatest gift you can render the world ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

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