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All is mind. We live in a mental universe in which what we are 'aware' of is demonstrated physically through and as the Subconscious which constitutes the Present Moment. Everyone's Subconscious is the Present Moment. The Present Moment is a hive Mind. Note I said 'aware; and not 'conscious' of. One is aware of being Consciousness however for the most part, one is not conscious of being Awareness. One as Awareness - as Soul is aware of being Mind Consciousness but Mind Consciousness is not conscious of Being Awareness - Soul. It is as Mind Consciousness that we identify, and this is the problem. Awareness has lost itself in Mind, forgetting itself as Spirit. Awareness identifying as Mind has lost its true Identity and is serving the wrong Consciousness.

Through purification of Mind, the mind becomes like a clear mirror allowing Awareness aka Soul to realize, recognize, remember its true identity as Spiritual Consciousness, rather than Mind Consciousness, which it at one time mistook itself for. In realization of the true Self, Awareness surrendered its consciousness to the Consciousness of Spirit that commanded it keep still in the witnessing of the Moment.

By staying deeply present in the moment you open yourself to Spiritual Consciousness which is the true & eternal Self of Mind Consciousness

Surrender your control of life to the Present Moment. Life maintains itself. You need not worry, control, manipulate, hustle, using your thoughts to live the life you were made for. Just surrender to the moment which will provide all that is necessary for your unfoldment in this life. The Awareness of what to do in each moment will simply come through 'knowing', through synchronicity and serendipity.

~ Tracy Pierce

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