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We are here to make conscious what we are unconscious of.

All that we can possibly or potentially be conscious of is within our soul which is awareness itself.

The only way to become conscious of this awareness - of our own Soul, is to stop thinking, for thinking pulls us out into the world and out of our temple which is Present Moment Awareness.

The conscious mind must rest within the subconscious present moment Awareness. The subconscious is the part of the Soul which we as the conscious mind have dominion over. Everyone's subconscious collectively amounts to the present moment which is complete vessel of the Soul. Therefore, you can see that the subconscious is the door to the Soul (Awareness) itself which is directed by one's true, full, and eternal Consciousness as Spirit. The conscious of mind and the Consciousness of Spirit can only merge as one through the path of the heart - which is Present Moment Awareness/Subconscious/Soul.

When the I of your conscious mind merges with the Am of your subconscious mind they form a channel which is guided by Spiritual (I AM) intuition. When I am that I am is fully aligned as one, Life begins living itself.

When one's consciousness is fractured and the I (conscious mind) rises out of the Am (Subconscious mind), one is no longer conscious of themselves, subconsciously emotionally or spiritually. All they are conscious of is their thoughts that cause the emotional body to rise in one feeling after another than puts wear and tear on the body.

Remember when one rises in thought, the world appears as the world cannot exist without thought. When thought disappears so does the world. In other words, at the moment the world seems real to you as thought while Spirit remains an illusion. When one is in their right meditative mind, Spirit will be real to you and the world will seem like an illusion. Therefore, look within as Awareness - being conscious or present of being aware. This pulls one into their inner world rather than rising in thought towards the outer world.

We must look in and see with the I of our being - not out there in the physical world looking with our eyes. If we hold in mind the outer world, we will keep repeating history.

To know reality, we must keep ourselves in meditation which is the act of keeping the conscious mind as a single thought in Present Moment Awareness, in which the Soul flows through our mind so that we might become conscious of all that our Soul is while being directed by Spirit - our true and eternal Consciousness.

There is a place for thinking, however it is a much smaller place than the place it is taking at the moment. Much smaller. We think 90% of the time and are aware 5% of the time. It needs to be the other way round. Otherwise, we are only conscious of our thoughts about the world, rather than the reality of the world that is known through and AS Awareness aka Soul.

~ Tracy Pierce

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